Dar El Shark Company Profile

Dar EL Shark was founded in Lebanon in 1926. It was originally established to publish El Shark newspaper, but since has grown to publish a number of prestigious publications.

El Shark Newspaper “was founded in 1926 and is one of the oldest newspapers in Lebanon. It is a daily modern newspaper that has an ever-increasing circulation and is changing the face of Lebanese national newspapers in the 21st century.

Nadine Magazine” was founded in 1980. It is a highly recognized general interest weekly magazine containing exclusive information related to star society, the latest gossip, fashion trends, interior design and health and beauty.

Sinaat El Wakat” magazine was founded in 2005. It is an annual magazine that contains in depth information related to the watch and jewelry industry, including product and market news, interviews with watchmakers and jewelry designers in addition to all the latest fashions.

Al Oum Wa Toful “magazine was founded in 2002. It was originally a supplement to Nadine magazine, but due to the successful response it received, it became an independent magazine. Al Oum Wa Toful is now published every 2 months and contains information about general female and family issues, including health and beauty, education, psychology, interior design, fashion and nutrition.

Nadine Mode” is the latest publication produced; the 1st issue was produced in September 2007. Nadine Mode is a bi annual magazine which specializes in fashion. It contains the latest collections of Haute Couture and Ready to Wear, of both local and international designers, as well as exclusive interviews, and all the latest fashion trends including accessories.

All publications of Dar El Shark are widely distributed throughout the Middle East.

Contact Information:
Maya Kabbani Kaaki
Marketing Manager
Tel: 961 1 795 811/2
Fax: 961 1 795 813
Website: www.elshark.com
E Mail: mayakaaki@elshark.com

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